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Losing a loved one by suicide can be a traumatic and devastating experience. You may feel like your world has fallen apart, and you are left feeling empty, lost and confused.

The nature of the death affects you so deeply that you struggle to find an explanation to make some sense of the suicide.

You may find yourself on a rollercoaster of emotions, experiencing feelings of deep sadness, loss, pain, anger, panic, guilt, loneliness, shame and humiliation, some of which can be overwhelming.

You may be asking yourself...

  • Why? How did this happen?
  • Why didn't I see the signs?
  • Could I have done something to make a difference?
  • How do I go on living?

Try to remember that...

  • No one is ever prepared for the suicide of a loved one.
  • You are not alone in this.
  • Support is vital in the healing and recovery process.

What help is available?

Many survivors find it helpful to talk about their grief. But sometimes, it is hard to talk to family members and friends.

Contact SOS to find out more about the support we can offer through individual, couple or family counselling as well as the support group.

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