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A suicidal crisis may be very daunting. Below is a simplified guideline on how you can respond if you come across a situation when a person has just attempted suicide or is about to attempt suicide. As far as possible, seek professional help.

If the person has already afflicted self-harm

  • Call 999 or 995.
  • Explain the situation to the person on the line. Try to provide as much information as possible (e.g., address, name, weapon used, consciousness and responsiveness of the person, etc)
  • Follow their instructions

If the person has phoned you

  • For as long as possible, remain on the line with the person.
  • Ask for the exact location of the person.
  • Try to call an ambulance at 995 from another phone and follow the instructions given.
  • Check if there is anyone else in close proximity to the person who could help.
  • Enlist the help of someone around you to support you.

If the person has not yet harmed himself/herself

  • Do not put yourself at risk or endanger yourself in any way (for example, do not wrestle for the weapon).
  • If it is safe to do so, remove the weapon from the person's reach.
  • Accompany the suicidal person to the hospital, A&E Department or call an ambulance.
  • If the person is unwilling to go to the hospital, encourage the person to call SOS or to see an SOS counsellor.
  • If the person is unwilling to get help, try to make him/her promise not to self-harm for a certain period of time. Make sure the time period is realistic.
  • Keep in touch with the person.
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