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Interested to volunteer but wish to find out more first? Here are some frequently asked questions to clear your doubts and to see if volunteering for SOS is right for you.


I’m not sure if I have time to meet the duty and commitment requirement.
Our volunteers need to complete 3 to 4 hours of duty once a week and a compulsory overnight duty once a month. Volunteers also take turns to be on stand-by for emergencies once every month.
We hope our volunteers can continue volunteering at SOS for at least 2 years after the one-year training.


I’m a student and under 20 years old. Can I still volunteer?
Our minimum age requirement is 23 years old, and preferably applicants who have completed their studies with some working and life experiences. This is because volunteering with SOS requires some level of emotional maturity and an understanding of life's ups and downs. We would like our volunteers to have settled down in their work and other commitments before starting with us.


Can I answer the calls at home?

No, all volunteers take turns to man the 24-hour hotline at SOS office, which is located at Cantonment Close.


I can only speak in English.
You can volunteer as long as you can communicate comfortably in English. Additional proficiency in Mandarin, Malay, Tamil or local dialects would be a bonus.


I’m a trainee counsellor. Can I volunteer at SOS and clock the practicum hours?
We do not encourage trainee counsellors to volunteer because the nature of SOS hotline volunteer work may be rather demanding for someone who is preparing to be a counsellor. We would like all our volunteers to have a more adequate work-life balance as we believe self-care is truly important. We also do not allow the clocking of practicum hours.


I am in the midst of employment search and I have plans to take up part time courses once I found a new job. Is it advisable for me to send in my application now since I have the time to commit at present?
Volunteering at SOS requires a long-term commitment and we expect volunteers to continue volunteering at SOS for at least 2 years after the one-year training. Thus, we urge applicants to consider carefully before making the decision to apply to be a volunteer.


Can I include SOS volunteer involvement in my resume?
No, SOS hotline volunteers are not allowed to disclose to anyone of their involvement with us other than their close immediate family members.


When do the recruitment and training start?

Recruitment is ongoing, and we’d usually have 2 intakes of potential volunteers in a year - January and July (i.e. training usually starts in January and July every year)


What is the duration of the whole training programme?
Training lasts for 9 months to a year.


What are the training hours like?

Our training is segmented into 3 different phases. The duration of the first phase is 3 hours once a week for approximately 3 months.


What if I miss some of the training sessions?
Attendance is strictly compulsory for all training sessions.
Depending on which training session you’ve missed, you may not be able to continue the programme.

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